What would it look like if we could change the way parents taught their children about sex?

Just the idea of that is revolutionary. And we think necessary.

Instead of growing up with a blank page, or worse, a page filled with confusion based on media images or porn, what if children grew up knowing the value and purposes of sex? What if they understood the design of birth, conception, and reproduction? And better yet, what if they learned this from conversations with the people who love them the most. We believe parents can be prepared, encouraged, and equipped for these conversations.


The Birds & The Bees gives you a simple and extremely effective 6-step strategy that walks you from preschool to preteen.

Young children are naturally curious and will ask questions. We will prepare you with age-appropriate answers. You will use your own values and beliefs to shape your childrenโ€™s sexual understanding. We want your children to hear your voice - not ours or the culture's. The Birds & The Bees follows a child's developmental interests and curiosities, starting with the most basic biology and guides you through the daunting preadolescent age.

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