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Birds & Bees Annual Membership Includes:

+ The entire 6-part Birds & Bees video series (unlimited personal viewing)

+ The B&B discussion guide (including in-depth questions and action items to guide you through these steps)

And coming soon...

+ Faith-based video for ways to incorporate your beliefs into these conversations

+ Interviews with experts on subjects such as adoption, pornography, social media, body image, sexual abuse prevention, and transgenderism

+ As current events occur that are of a sexual nature, Mary Flo and Megan will share practical tips on how to bring these issues into everyday conversations

+ FAQ Sessions with questions that YOU submit to us through the membership email

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As a mother of young children, I’ve seen the Birds and Bees live program four times! Each time I learn something new, and my husband and I apply it to our family. This message works! Now with Mary Flo and Megan on video, we can watch this whenever we want. I will share this with every parent I know!
— Allison