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Patrick Lencioni,
New York Times Best Seller

“As is true with most of the groundbreaking concepts in the world, the messages here are as seemingly obvious as they are compelling. And that’s what makes this all so powerful. After hearing Mary Flo speak, our lives as parents changed forever. We immediately set aside any anxiety that we had about broaching the topic of sexuality. Every parent will cling to this and recommend it to every parent they know. Really.”


Nell Bush, PhD.
Child Development Specialist

“This approach to the sensitive and complex issue of human sexuality is highly professional and informative, but also wonderfully humorous and comforting. Parents feel completely at ease as well as empowered to share important truths and values with their children. My husband and I have closely followed this protocol with all four of our children. As a result, our children view us as the “experts” on sexual matters and have felt free to ask us questions through the years. We clearly see how this has strengthened our parent-child bond and has been a great gift to our children.”


"Mary Flo's expert teaching on introducing the topic of sex has proven incredibly beneficial to me not only as a father but also as a pediatrician. Her approach has made it easy and comfortable for my wife and me to talk to our own children. We have learned to use the appropriate vocabulary to discuss the beauty of God's intention for sex and to see these conversations as an opportunity to instill truth as opposed to be awkward and burdensome. It has really changed my practice and improved my discussions with families on these very important and life altering topics."



"Creating an environment of open conversation around sexual issues is one of the most important gifts you can give your children. I am quick to recommend Mary Flo’s The Birds & The Bees material to parents and even to adults without children as they try to navigate and become more comfortable with the conversations surrounding sex."

Dr. Joe McIlhaney, MD, OBGYN Founder & Chairman, Medical Institute for Sexual Health

"One of the most talented and experienced people I have come to know in my years of working in the field of sexuality education is Mary Flo Ridley.  Now, out of these years of work, Mary Flo has produced “The Birds & The Bees." Through this program, parents will begin to be the loving authority in their childrens' lives on the topic of sexuality.  I urge you to take advantage of what Mary Flo is offering. You will thank her - and your child will thank you - later on. All of society will benefit.  How much better can it get?"


Heather MacFadyen
Founder of God Centered
Mom blog

"The Birds & The Bees material set me up to confidently approach the topic of sex with my sons. Starting at very young ages they've chatted with me about eggs and seeds, the uterus, even the birth canal. Seriously. As my older boys enter adolescence we've continued the conversation seamlessly, answering their questions as they come... without me breaking out in a cold sweat." 


Real thoughts from real Parents 


"Two of our boys had their fifth grade sex ed talk at school this year, and they weren't embarrassed, shocked or over silly about it.  When they hear a word or a phrase on the playground at school - they come to us with questions first.”  

Such a great simple strategy for an overwhelming topic. I didn’t expect to laugh so much!

“This approach is just what my wife and I needed to hear.  Originally I thought we should wait to talk to our children, but this has changed my thinking completely.”

I learned so much and I’m actually looking forward to these conversations.

“Birds & Bees gave me empowerment with a plan, vocabulary and visuals.  It gave us the confidence to impart information in stages.  This was so helpful.  I feel inspired, safe and ready to make a plan!”

What a powerful and liberating message

“Very informative yet not intimidating.  Megan’s approach to this message makes me know I can do this.  I feel equipped and encouraged to fight this sexually saturated culture.”  

Now I can do this

“Takes a daunting subject and makes it seem not so scary.”

Positive approach

“Giving examples and taking some of the fear away from these conversations.  
I was not planning to talk to my kids so soon, but now I will be.”


Humorous, no-nonsense approach

“I love the encouragement for parents to be proactive about teaching sexuality versus letting children learn it elsewhere.”

This seems so natural

“I feel comfortable with the idea of breaking this down into pieces instead of telling our children everything at once.”

Everyone needs this

“Not daunting in the message; very gracious.”

Now I can be proactive not reactive

"Very practical advice"

This message works

"Simple step-by-step strategy"

I wish my parents did this

“Informed not overwhelmed”