Who We Are



Mary Flo Ridley

In 1986 Mary Flo Ridley began presenting a popular parenting seminar in the Dallas area teaching parents how to talk to their children about sex. Armed with medical research, personal stories, and humor, Mary Flo walks parents through very specific ways to answer their children’s early questions with confidence. She gives parents a simple strategy that allows them to share their values along with basic biology and develop a positive plan for introducing the subject of sex in the preschool and early elementary years.

Through her first book and DVD Series, Simple Truths with Mary Flo Ridley, and as an international speaker, Mary Flo gives parents the simple tools they need to begin these conversations. In her second book, God’s Very Good Design, parents can see this strategy unfold in a Biblical context. She is thrilled to partner with Megan Michelson to bring this message to a new generation.

Mary Flo grew up in El Paso, Texas, and graduated from SMU. She has been joyfully married to her husband Dave for 36 years and they have three married children and six grandchildren.



Megan Michelson 

As a middle school teacher in 2009, Megan adored her students, but was also alarmed by how much the sexualized culture was influencing them.  Megan first heard Mary Flo speak at a parenting program hosted by her school. She realized the powerful insights of Mary Flo's strategies and recognized what a difference it could have made for her students if their parents had conversations with them in their earlier years. For her, this exposure to Mary Flo's approach was a game changer as to the importance, timing, and content of conversations about sex between parent and child.

Several years later, after becoming a parent herself, Megan's convictions about this approach deepened, ultimately leading her to train under Mary Flo. In 2015 Megan began presenting the program to a new generation of parents.

Megan was born in Dallas and received her degree in Communications from Baylor University. She has been married to her husband Blake for seven years and they have two young children.



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The Birds & The Bees was established as a way to bring a time-tested and popular strategy to a new tech-savvy generation. Mary Flo’s decades of experience and expertise combined with Megan’s candor and in-the-trenches insight brings parents a well-balanced approach to talking to their kids about sex. The Birds & The Bees understands that the culture around us has changed dramatically and therefore our approach towards “the talk” should too.